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Bio: As the pet pillows are all in light weight, we designed the cardboard stand up display with simple structure.
Each tray can be loaded at least 4 pillows, the total is 48 pillows, the display can be customized if more pillows need to be displayed on the stand.
We never stop finding better ways to catalyze client’s sales. Whether you are a start-up company looking for your first store display, or a large retailer looking for a experienced partner with years of in-store expertise, WOW Display now is at your service to build your brand and elevate your product’s value.

There are 4 advantages that cardboard stand up display have:
A. Metal bars under each shelf to ensure it can load 20KG+ per shelf.
B. Free sample available
C. Short lead time

Details of cardboard stand up display are:

Item No.FSDU-1009
Dimensions300*300*1600mm(can be customized)
Material350G CCNB + K5 flute
Printing4C CMYK offset printing
Surface treatmentHigh glossy lamination
AccessoriesPVC bottom wrap
PackageFlat pack, 5 display per shipper carton
Sample chargeNo
Sample time1-2 working days
Production lead time10-12 days
Q: How will my order be packed, Can you provide the assembling service?
A: You can have your Displays Pre Filled or Flat Packed.
Flat-pack: to pack 1 or several sets of displays into one carton with assembly instruction sheet.
Normally the assembly time is about 2 - 7 minutes for clients.
Pre-filled pack: Mainly to deliver the fully-assembled display to clients factory for them to fill in the goods. Or clients send the goods to us and allow us to assemble the display and fill in the goods directly.

Q: How do I know my cardboard stand up display will arrive safely to my customers?
A: WOW Display manages the flow of materials from concept through delivery. We are strict performer of quality control in accordance with IS09001:2008 Certificate. Our QC department will take the inspection before shipment, the QC report with results and relevant pictures will be sent to you. We have a long-term partnerships to delivery to goods to all over the world that we can proof our goods is safely and speedy arrive customer request space.

Q: Door to door service?
A: We have good channels by DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT as options for you.

Q: What does “WOW Display” means?
A: Our mission is to make the display and provide the service that will give you a “WOW”!
Customized Cardboard Floor Display